Become a Retül Fitter

There are more than 700 bike fitters worldwide who use Retül technology to provide their customers with a science-based and data-driven bike fitting service. The demand for bike fit continues to grow, and bike fitting has evolved into a profit center due to customer demand for proper fit. Offering a bike fit service:

  • Drives sales of new bikes and extra parts
  • Increases return visits from customers seeking advice from a trusted fitter
  • Is a key sales tool during the local cycling season as well as the slower off season

As a fitter gains more experience with the Retül system, he or she will experience greater efficiency and time savings compared with other methods of fitting. This allows the fitter to focus on his or her client and make the proper recommendations for each individual and personalized situation.

Retül is continually seeking ways to improve upon the best fitting system in the world. Software upgrades are continually under development, and most software upgrades are free of charge. Beyond the motion capture system and software for which the Retül brand is most well-known, Retül has added new tools to enhance the complete bike fit experience. FrameFinder bike compatibility software is rapidly gaining momentum among Retül users, as well as the Retül Müve dynamic fit bike, Levül micro-adjustable wheel block, and Angül dynamic fit stem.

If you are interested in expanding your bike fit business, please contact us to learn more about how Retül products, services and education fit into your business model.

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