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The Vantage motion capture fit system and V7 software with 2D video capabilities provide accurate and efficient data creating the ultimate bike fit experience for both fitter and rider



KEY Features

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Dynamic Data Display

  • All three planes of rider movement are measured on the bike simultaneously and dynamically to ensure the most optimal assessment of rider position and fit data
  • Dual video capability using the 2D video kit (sold separately) adds visualization for the rider and fitter with pausing and slowing features through video playback plus before and after still images of a riders position.

Fast and accurate

  • Zin digitizer tool provides fast and precise bike setup measurements to allow for easy replication of final bike fit position.
  • Customizable fit data and bike setup reports are generated instantly eliminating the need for post-processing.


Efficiency and time-saving

  • Fit data is displayed in real-time creating a more efficient and time saving process for the fitter enabling high engagement and immediate feedback from the rider