Retül University Instructors

Todd Carver, Chief Fit and Education Officer of Retül

Todd has more than 15 years of experience working with cyclists to improve performance. Todd's career started while attending college at the University of Colorado in Boulder, where he conducted his research in the Applied Exercise Science Laboratory. During this time Todd was able to study some of the best cyclists in the sport, and use some of the top sport science labs in the world to begin to understand the vast world of cycling science. Todd also has five years of experience working at the prestigious Boulder Center for Sports Medicine as a biomechanics technician. In this clinical setting, Todd honed in his skills on how to analyze and treat sport-specific overuse injuries. Now, almost six years after co-founding Retül, Todd works as the Director of Fit for the global and ever-expanding Retül University. In his free time, Todd enjoys spending time with his wife and two boys, cycling and skiing.

Ivan O’Gorman

Ivan O’Gorman came to Retül from the great country of Ireland with his wife and newborn daughter. Ivan studied biomechanics through UCLA, has completed many of the world's top bike fit education programs, and has performed hundreds of fits at Retül Studios in Boulder. He competes regularly on the Ironman circuit as an elite age group athlete. He has raced both Ironman and Ironman 70.3 World Championships and has also represented Ireland in rugby and equestrian events in his younger years. He has a keen eye for attention to detail and is known for his efforts in ensuring his clients are thoroughly happy with their bike fit.

Garrett Getter

Garrett is a Retül Certified Master fitter and is currently the Fit Services Manager at the Retül studio headquarters in Boulder, CO.  Garrett has been racing and riding bikes for over 15 years.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in integrative physiology from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  His time at CU included extensive work in both the locomotion lab and applied exercise science lab where he had the opportunity to work with some of the best researchers in their fields.  Garrett is currently a lead coach for Boulder Junior Cycling in both the Mountain bike and Cyclocross programs.  In his spare time he runs a small motorpacing outfit located in Boulder, Colorado. 

John Dennis

John is an educator and skilled fit instructor for Retül University Europe and oversees the Retül University European program. John has an extensive professional history of physiotherapy working with hospitals, professional sports associations and British Triathlon during the 2004 and 2008 Olympic years. As an avid rider, John has also been an age group qualifier for the triathlon world championships, Xterra Denmark and placed third in the 2009 National Relay Championships. John teaches Retül University courses in Newcastle, UK where he also offers fitting and coaching services through Physiohaus.

Michael Smith

Mike is a competitive road and triathlon racer and the lead fitter for one of the UK's top fit destinations, VeloMotion. As a fitter, Michael has been sought after by many professional athletes and is known for his exacting standards and understanding of complex fit dynamics. Michael holds a degree in exercise physiology and was trained in bike fit under Retül's lead faculty member for the UK. Mike also spent a summer in Boulder at Retül Headquarters working closely with Todd Carver and Ivan O'Gorman and performing fits for local Boulder clientele. 

 Marcelo Rocha

Since Marcelo was a young boy growing up in Brazil he has been involved with cycling, having competed in many BMX, mountain bike, road races and triathlons. Marcelo studied Physical Education at The Catholic University of Brasília, as well as Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture at the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Brasília. Marcelo has 15 years of experience coaching athletes, 10 years experience performing bike fits and conducted nearly 900 bike fits last year alone. Marcelo hosted some of Retül University's first international courses and has taught with Retül University for almost three years.

Rene Muñoz

Rene is a Retül Certified Master fitter and instructor for Retül University in Central and Latin America. Rene started his career as a professional speed skater in Colombia. His love for competitive road cycling grew early on in his speed skating career, and after discovering his passion for cycling he opened several bike fitting studios in Miami, Florida and Colombia.  Rene, his wife and daughter relocated to Boulder, Colorado where he will continue fitting both professional and recreational athletes. Rene most recently started an adventure cycling company called Equipo which brings groups of cyclists to his favorite mountain terrains of Colombia as well as other new exciting destinations. A big factor in Rene's experience is applying his knowledge from hundreds of fits and his own inquisitive nature to find a tailored position to each client he works with. 

Nick Formosa

Nick started his competitive cycling career in 1984 at the age of fourteen and has been actively involved in the sport of cycling for the past 25 years. Nick is currently the assistant cycling coach for the Queensland Academy of Sport, the assistant junior national coach for the Australian Junior World Champions Road Team and the head coach for the Nexgen Junior Athlete Foundation. He has a diploma of Exercise Science, and has received coaching certification in Level 2 road and track cycling. He has continued his education with management and post-graduate training in bio-impedance testing and functional pathology testing. Nick uses not only experience but also his intuition to establish what an athlete requires, appreciating the unique qualities of each individual. This skill combined with his inherent understanding of the sport make him a powerful and well-respected coaching personality. Nick incorporates his training and experience into bike fitting, and has more than 20 years of experience working on a range of bike levels from beginner to professional. He has fit bikes for many world record holding cyclists and triathletes, as well as world cycling champions and Australian national champions.

Aaron Lean

Aaron recently moved to Brisbane to work exclusively with Cadence Cycling and Retül University. Aaron is a triathlon coach and works with many of Australia's best athletes. Prior to his move, he operated one of the most successful triathlon coaching practices in Australia, Multisport Solutions.  




Yago Alcalde

Yago holds a master's degree in sports performance and has been certified through numerous bike fit education programs. He has coached cycling for many years, has published a book about training and racing for cycling, and was a Category 1 mountain bike racer. Yago enjoys helping cyclists improve their performance and in addition to performing fits at his studio in Madrid has instructed numerous Retül University courses in Spain and Europe.

Phil Burt, Specialty Instructor, Europe

Phil Burt has been a qualified Physiotherapist since 1999 and has worked with some of the best teams and athletes around the world. In 2006 he started to work with British Cycling and quickly became the lead Physiotherapist to the team that dominated  in cycling at the Beijing Olympic games in 2008 as well as the London Olympic games in 2012. In addition to his role at British Cycling, Phil was approached by Professional Cycling Team Sky to help set up the first British professional cycling team in twenty years.  Phil has been involved with elite level bike positioning work for over seven years and lectures nationally and internationally on the subject. His latest work has recently been accepted by the IOC International Medicine conference for exploring the link between bike position and athletic adaptability. Phil brings a unique blend of insight and experience to any discussion having worked within both professional and national sporting institutes which present very different challenges.

Joel Steve

Joel was one of the first-ever Retül users and has studied bike fit for many years. He is known for his work with triathletes and pro tour cycling teams including Europcar and AG2R, the only French pro cycling team to have won a stage in the 2013 Tour de France. Joel has been involved in triathlon for many years as a coach, and as an athlete he has competed numerous times in the Ironman World Championship in Kona.



Ryan Ignatz

Ryan Igantz is a Retül Certified Master Fitter and the lead fitter for Colorado Multisport, Boulder's premier triathlon store. He holds a degree in human biomechanics from the University of Colorado in Boulder where he still helps with cycling-related research studies. Ryan has competed as a professional triathlete, has been internationally ranked in Xterra and serves as a guide for blind triathletes competing in off-road events.



Fernando Rianho

Fernando started his journey into the world of cycling literally by accident when he broke his leg as a teenager and used cycling as part of his rehabilitation program.  He soon fell in love with the sport and got involved in mountain and road bike racing. His passion for sports lead him to become a Physiotherapist as well as a Chiropractic and Pilates specialist; working with cyclists, runners, triathletes as well as trained fighters. In 2010 he became a bike fit specialist, working for the next four years as both a Physiotherapist and bike fitter.  In early 2014, Fernando decided to focus on bike fitting as a full time career.  His Physiotherapy knowledge and practices are used thoughtfully during his bike fits to achieve a solid position suited for each of his clients.