Retül Tech Course

Course Description

Offered in conjunction with SBCU, the Retül Tech Course is designed for Specialized retailers who want to integrate Retül technology into the Body Geometry Fit practice. To be eligible for this course, fitters must complete Body Geometry Fit Level 1 through SBCU.

The Retül Tech Course covers topics including:

  • Proper setup and use of the Vantage motion capture system
  • Accurate marker placement
  • Dynamic data capture and interpretation skills for road, mountain and TT/tri positions
  • Use of the Zin tool for recording measurements
  • Use of Frame Finder to translate recorded measurements to actual bike dimensions
  • Conducting an advanced foot and pedal interface assessment
  • Setup and use of the Müve and Müve SL adjustable fit bikes
  • Molding Fütbeds cycling insoles to optimize performance and accommodate foot mechanics

Students who successfully complete the Retül Tech Course become Retül Level 1 Fit Technicians and are eligible for the Retül Level 2 and Retül Certification testing. In order to maintain a listing on, Retül Level 1 Fit Technicians are required to complete the Annual Fit Review.

Registration Information

Course length: 2 days

Cost: $1100 USD

Specialized retailers can register for the Tech Course by contacting the SBCU Registration Coordinator at or register on the Specialized B2B site.

retul_sbcu tech course feb 2016