Retül Müve Dynamic Fit Bike

Dynamic fit bike with full XY adjustability to determine ideal riding position while a rider pedals the bike

Key Features

  • Simple turn-crank movement allowing adjustment of saddle and bar positions while a rider pedals the bike
  • Fitter can change saddle, stem, bars, pedals and crank length to find the rider’s ideal position and equipment for road, mountain or TT/triathlon positions
  • Attains saddle heights of approximately 90 to 590mm
  • Attains frame stack and reach of all production bicycles

Included with the Müve

Choice of Tacx Bushido or CycleOps PowerBeam Pro resistance units. Purely custom crank with adjustable range of 155-185mm and 53T chainring, chain, extra links and master link, 20’’ wheel,16T freewheel hub, 1.125’’ stem mount, extra-tall saddle clamp spacer for higher saddle positions, Retül Rüler set for quickly measuring stack and reach.

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