Retül Level 2 Training

Course Description

Retül Level 2 training (formerly Advanced Motion Analysis/Fütbed Certification) is an advanced course offering. This course is designed for fitters who have successfully completed Retül Level 1, have gained one year of practical fit experience and have completed the Annual Fit Review. Students who complete this course will have a more thorough understanding of advanced fit principles and techniques and will be prepared to work with riders who have more complex needs.

Retül Level 2 covers topics that include:

  • Identifying odd or problematic movement patterns on the bike
  • Linking movement patterns to the pre-fit physical assessment
  • Linking movement patterns and assessment to rider injury or performance prognosis
  • Identifying mechanical (on-the-bike) solutions for improving rider movement patterns
  • Conducting an advanced foot and pedal interface assessment
  • Utilizing accommodation techniques for irregular movement patterns (insoles, shims, wedges, pedal axle extensions)
  • Molding Fütbeds cycling insoles to optimize performance and accommodate foot mechanics

Students who demonstrate a thorough understanding of these principles will successfully complete the course and become Retül Level 2 Fit Technicians. To maintain status as a Retül Level 2 Fit Technician each fitter must complete the Annual Fit Review. Retül Level 2 Fit Technicians are also eligible for Retül Certification.

Registration Information

Course length: two days

Cost: $1,000 USD

Registration is open to fitters who have completed Level 1 training. To register, complete the Retül University registration form. Once registration and payment are received, students will receive course confirmation documents via email including the course schedule and travel information.

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