Retül Level 1 Training

Course Description

Retül Level 1 training (formerly Basic Motion Analysis/Retül Certification) is the minimum education requirement to purchase new/additional Retül products and to be listed on

This course covers in detail the process and skills needed for performing a proper bike fit using Retül technology. This course offers presentations and discussions with an emphasis on hands-on learning. This is an entry-level fit course, but students should have some prior knowledge and/or experience in the bike industry. Students should also be familiar with adjusting the contact points on a bike. This course is only recommended for current users of Retül technology or new fitters who intend to purchase Retül technology. 

Registration is open to current Retül Members and new customers who have received approval via the Retül application process. Retül Level 1 training must be completed within six weeks of any new Retül system purchase.

Retül Level 1 covers topics including:

  • How to conduct a rider interview to better understand the rider’s goals and needs
  • How to conduct a pre-fit physical assessment
  • Identification and proper marking of the anatomical landmarks used in Retül protocol
  • How to use Retül fit data to aid in bike fitting for road, mountain, cyclocross and TT/triathlon positions
  • Proper operation of the Retül hardware and software including data capture, data presentation and report building
  • Proper use of the Retül Zin to record rider fit coordinates on a bike and Retül Müve fit bike
  • Bike recommendation for riders who are being fit prior to a new bike purchase

Students who successfully complete the course become Retül Level 1 Fit Technicians and should focus on gaining practical experience and performing fits regularly before completing advanced classes with Retül University. In order to maintain status as a Retül Level 1 Fit Technician, each fitter must successfully complete the Annual Fit Review.

Registration Information

Course length: four days

Cost: $1,000 USD or included with new Vantage purchase

To register, complete the Retül University registration form. Once registration and payment are received, students will receive course confirmation documents via email including the course schedule and travel information.