Retül Certification

Retül Certification (formerly the Master’s Motion Analysis Exam) is the highest level of training available through Retül University. Experienced fitters who have completed Retül Level 1 and Retül Level 2 are eligible for Retül Certification. This is a one-day written and practical exam with a Retül University Instructor.

To successfully complete Retül Certification a fitter should demonstrate:

  • A strong understanding of the body through proper execution of the pre-fit physical assessment
  • Precise marker placement to generate reliable data
  • Ability to identify problematic movement patterns
  • Thorough understanding of fit principles and data analysis for road, mountain and TT fits

Upon successful completion of the exam, fitters are presented with certification valid for one year and are considered Retül Certified Fitters, the highest student designation available through Retül University. To maintain this status the fitter must complete the Annual Fit Review.

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