Retül annual fit Review

Program Description

The annual fit review is designed to help fitters keep their skills sharp without having to travel back to attend a Retül training course. Because fitters will continually be gaining more fit experience, the annual fit review is a great opportunity to connect with a Retül instructor to discuss questions from the field.

For the annual fit review, a fitter submits a complete customer fit report and a comprehensive, written explanation of:

  • The fit client’s concerns and reasons for getting a fit

  • The issues or concerns the fitter observed in the assessment

  • What changes and adjustments the fitter made

  • Supporting reasons for the changes

The fit review is evaluated on several criteria:

  • Ability to produce a fit report that must include a complete pre-fit physical assessment, before and after photos, left and right body measurements and the initial and final Zin measurements of the bike.

  • Correct use of software and range of Retül products as taught per Retül Certification protocol

  • Fit changes are supported with data and the fitter has made changes with a thorough understanding of the rider’s needs and goals

Fitters who successfully complete the annual fit review receive renewed status as a Retül Fit Technician valid for one year. Those current on their Fit Technician status are listed on in the Find a Fitter section of (See Find Retül Technology).

Fee Structure

The annual fit review fee is $250 USD.

For fitters who are current on their Retül Fit Technician training and are completing the annual fit review, the full $250 USD fee can be applied as a credit toward the purchase of certain eligible Retül products including Retül motion capture system trade-ins for a Vantage system upgrade, V7 software, Vantage wireless harness, Müve SL, Müve saddle clamp, Retül Custom Footbed system starter packages, Footbed blanks re-order (only applicable to orders of 20 or more), Angül, Levül and 2D video kit. 

The annual fit review credit is only valid for 6 months after completing your fit review. This is also stated in the fit review feedback email that is sent out after your review has been completed. Your credit will expire after that time and cannot be used beyond the 6 month timeline.


Note: You must be logged in to the Member's Area to access the annual fit review form. Fitters whose certifications are expiring will receive notice via email and it is not necessary to complete the annual fit review until that time.