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Product serial number key: Vantage system= VN**** or VG**** (located on the back of the sensor bar)- PLEASE INDICATE WHETHER YOU ARE REGISTERING A MATCH VANTAGE OR A VANTAGE SYSTEM FOR BIKE FITS Müve SL fit bike= ****-SL (located on the inside of the drive side panel) Angül fit stem= A**** (located on the underside of the stem) Digital Sit bone Device= DA**** (located on the underside of the device) Match= TW**** (located on the inside of the back door of the tower) Digital Foot Device= DF**** (located on the underside of the device)
Any product that does not have a serial number (Levül wheel block, V7 2D video kit, Müve saddle clamp, rotating platform, Müve rulers, etc.)