Match tower

Version 1.9.0

  • Fixed issue where product images were not showing on the product recommendations screen.

  • Updated force log out to occur after 90 days instead of 8 days.

  • Added the ability to skip a module if a piece of Retül hardware (i.e. DSD, DFD, Vantage, and Zin tool) is not connecting properly on the hardware connection screen or on the Zin tool not connecting screen.

    • How to use the skip module feature:

      • On each of the screens that connects the Match Tower to a piece of Retül hardware, there is a button that will allow you to skip the current module (i.e. bike sizing) if the hardware does not connect properly.

      • The skip button will progress to the next module, or to the product recommendation screen if there are no more modules to complete.

      • This button is also available on the Zin tool Warning screen if the Zin tool wand is not connecting properly.

Match tower

Version 1.8.0

  • Turbo only option in “'Advanced Settings” now available for Turbo only product recommendations.

  • Rider email input now requires First and Last name fields instead of just Name.

  • Title on “'Gender”' preference has been updated for type of products.

Match tower

Version 1.7.0

  • Suspension calculator application has been added to Stumpjumper and Levo mountain bikes.

  • Height and optional weight entries have been added to profile questions.

  • Bug fix for leg length discrepancy between rider portal and Match tower.

  • DFD device version is now being recorded.

  • Preparation for upcoming changes in “Terms of Use”' and “'Terms and Conditions”.

Match tower

Version 1.6.1

  • Bug fix: Rider is now required to stand up between pressure readings for the DSD.

  • Bug fix: Updating category will no longer log the user out on the profile summary screen.

  • Product images are now 10% larger for all products.

  • Language flags have been updated.

  • Castilian Spanish has been added.

Match tower

Version 1.6.0

  • Product images will now be downloaded when available rather than during a release. If new products are available the tower will inform the user and present an optional dialog prior to downloading.

  • Updates to localization of products.

Match tower

Version 1.5.0

  • System now remembers users that have previously logged-in.
  • Updated translations for.
    • Spanish

    • Czech

    • French

    • Polish

    • Thai

    • German

    • Italian

    • Traditional Chinese

    • Simplified Chinese

    • Korean

    • Dutch

Match tower

Version 1.4.0

  • New Illiac Crest Finder video
    • Video is displayed during the bike module to help rider and store associate locate the illiac crest properly.
  • Easy Updates
    • Now you will no longer have to visit a web page to get the new versions of the Match software.
  • New Venge added!
  • Name field now has focus on rider contact info page.
  • Update to Polish language translations.

Match tower

Version 1.3.0

  • Updated certain translations based on feedback provided.
  • Support for GDPR compliance.
  • Fixed bug where DFD would disconnect after starting a shoe session.
  • Added client name to email form.
  • Added client language to email form.
  • Updated DFD calibration threshold to be more forgiving.

Match tower

Version 1.2.2

  • Added optional Custom Footbed feature which can be found in "Advanced" settings.
  • Arch support is now shown for each foot if they are found to be different.  
  • If ideal product size is not available, product will say "closest available size" instead of "recommended size."
  • Added a warning if an asymmetry is detected in leg measurements.
  • Product recommendations for shoes now includes custom insoles if the shop offers Custom Footbed services.
    • This setting can be found in the "Advanced" menu.
  • Updating profile while viewing product recommendations (via "Rider Category:" at the top of the screen) has now been updated to only switch categories.
  • Fixed bug with translations when in the Retül Menu.
  • Updated translations.
  • Now includes the new Stumpjumper in mountain bike recommendation results 

Match tower

Version 1.2.1

  • Bugfix: Video Freezing issues have been resolved.

Match tower

Version 1.2.0

  • Screensaver added to bring attention to the tower and also inform the rider of the Match process.  
    • The screensaver will show after 10 minutes of idle time
      • Only 2 minutes if sitting on the "Get Started" screen; 20 minutes on product recommendation screen.
  • Now fully supports Spanish language translation.
  • DFD graphics show more pressure.
    • no change to matching algorithm.
  • Bug fixed where switching users would end the session.
  • More accurate Vantage status in Retül Menu.


Version 1.1.2

  • Added S-Works 7 Shoe.
  • Keyboard no longer hides buttons on email screen.
  • Updates to keyboard buttons to include @ and .com.
  • Added ability to switch keyboard to other languages.


Version 1.1.1

  • Updated foot image so it is no longer flipped.
    • Data is not effected, change was made to the graphic only
  • Keyboard is now all lower case.
  • First draft of different languages and change language screens on the first page as well as in the Retül Menu.
  • New video codecs to help relieve freezing issues.
  • Product recommendations now reflect what is available in the market the retailer is located in
    • i.e. UK retailers will see products available in the UK.


Version 1.1.0

Retül Match Tower software updates: 01-09-2018

  • New DSD module implemented into the Match tower.
  • MY18 product options now available.
  • DFD connection now always checked at the beginning of the shoe module.
  • Better copy for Zinning the foot.
  • Smoother drawing for foot contours.
  • Changed second "Get Started" button to say "Continue" so the application no longer has two consecutive screens that say "Get Started".
  • Updated mid-arch detection color for blue arches.
  • Changed order of buttons for back angle.
  • Rider email is now persistent if you go back to it from the confirmation page.
    • Keyboard now hides if you click anywhere else on the screen.
  • Fixed video issues where video would not play or freeze in some cases.
  • Better error screens when devices aren't connected properly.
  • Advanced options screen is more robust and messages are more clear.
    • Can use "reset connection" or switch channel during a session if Zin is not working.
  • Match sessions now show on a rider's portal session list.
  • Changes made to mountain bike sizing to avoid recommending too large of a bike.

MATCh tower

Version 1.0.0

  • First launch of Retül Match
  • Measure a rider for shoe size and arch height
  • Measure a rider for bike size and saddle height
  • Can use button on the Zin tool to progress through screens that have the Zin icon in the upper right corner of the screen
    • Long press for recapture, short press for accept
  • Capture the rider email at the end of the process to build a relationship and give them access to rider portal