We provide bike fitting technology and tools to help cyclists increase their comfort and to improve their performance.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, we've specialized in bike fitting technology and training since 2007, and in that time, we've performed thousands of fits and taught hundreds of training courses around the world. We help bike shops, fit studios, performance centers, and medical professionals implement Retül fit services into their businesses, improving riders' lives one fit at a time.


We Are Specialized

We've been partnering with Specialized since 2012. Together, we've been able to take Retül technology to new heights, and along the way, we've also elevated the precision of Specialized's Body Geometry products. This relationship has also brought a tremendous opportunity to Retül, as we've been fully integrated with Specialized's pro-level athletes and teams. Now, we can take what we've learned from working with the world's most demanding riders and apply this knowledge directly riders of all experience levels and motivations. 


Made in Colorado

We've been in Boulder, Colorado since the beginning, and the reason for this is simple: There are more pro cyclists here than you can shake a stick at. Here, we've also been able to work with the most talented team in the industry, employing everything from software development to shipping & receiving. And now, we're situated in a brand new Innovation Center here in Boulder, which allows us to both grow and expand upon exciting new projects and groundbreaking innovations.